Railings & Balusters

Spindles | Pickets | Baseboard | Quarter Round | Shoe Moulding
To complete the look of your beautiful new stair case, we can find and install a set of perfectly matched railings & pickets to truly bring out the beauty in your home. We offer many different options of railings & pickets/balusters including: iron or wood balusters - including a design forged in the iron, custom stained railing to match floors in home or new stair treads. Ensuring each picket is placed in the exact space it was before to remain consistent with each we install.

Baseboards can be found in every house, apartment or condo. They run the length of a wall next to the floor to conceal carpet, hardwood, or other flooring gaps or imperfections. They serve as protection against vacuum cleaners, mops sloshing against walls and furniture scrapes or bumps causing damages to the walls. The perfect accent to your newly installed floors is a beautifully matched baseboard with quarter round or shoe mould. When a floor is installed, yours' and your guests' eyes will be locked onto your new renovations, let's complete that look with a baseboard + quarter round/shoe mould combination.

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